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Sat, Feb 25
DeBirthdays: Beatle George Harrison (1943, died 11/29/01)
Sun, Feb 26
NASCAR Season Premiere - Daytona 500 (Fox 2p ET)
Academy Awards (ABC 8:30p ET)
Mon, Feb 27
DeBirthdays: Journey/Santana's Neal Schon (1954), Lynyrd Skynyrd's Johnny Van Zant (1959)
Series Premieres: "When We Rise" (ABC 9p ET), "Taken" (NBC 10p ET), "The Voice" Season Premiere (NBC 8p ET)
Tue, Feb 28
"Fat Tuesday" Wraps Up Mardi Gras @ New Orleans
NHL Trade Deadline
State Of The Union Address (All Major Networks 9p ET)
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