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Sun, May 19
DeBirthdays: The Who's Pete Townshend (1945), ZZ Top's Dusty Hill (1949)
"Game Of Thrones" Series Finale (HBO 9p ET); Season Finales: "Charmed" (CW 9p ET), "Les Miserables" (PBS.org)
"NCIS: Los Angeles" Season Finale (CBS 10p ET)
Mon, May 20
DeBirthdays: Joe Cocker (1944, died 12/22/2014), The Doors' Ray Manzarek Died In 2013; DeHistory: Foo Fighters "The Colour & The Shape" Released (1997)
"Carpool Karaoke Prime Time Special"(CBS 10p ET)
Tue, May 21
"N.C.I.S," "N.C.I.S.: New Orleans" Season Finales (CBS 8p, 10p ET); Wanda Sykes "Not Normal" (Netflix)
Wed, May 22
"SEAL Team" Season Finale (CBS 10p ET), "Live In Front Of A Studio Audience: All In The Family/The Jeffersons" (ABC 8p ET), "Pretty Little Liars" Season Finale (Freeform 8p ET)
Thu, May 23
"Rocklahoma" Festival (Ozzy, Disturbed, Shinedown) Through Sunday
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