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Mon, May 22
"The Bachelorette" Season Premiere (ABC 8p ET), "Jane The Virgin" Season Finale (CW 9p ET)
Tue, May 23
Season Finales: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (Fox 8p ET), "Dancing With The Stars" (ABC 8:30p ET), "Great News" (NBC 8p ET)
Wed, May 24
DeBirthdays: Bob Dylan (1941)
Season Finales: "Empire" (Fox 9p ET), "Arrow" (CW 8p ET), "Dirty Dancing" (ABC 8p ET)
Thu, May 25
DeBirthdays: Scorpions' Klaus Meine (1948); DeHistory: Sublime's Brad Nowell Died (1996)
40th Anniversary Of The Release Of "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope"
"Red Nose Day" (NBC 10p ET); Premieres: "Beat Shazam," "Love Connection" (Fox 8p, 9p ET)
Fri, May 26
Birthdays: Stevie Nicks (1948), Lenny Kravitz (1964)
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